quinta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2013

Omega Base 1.0.6 is released

Omega Base 1.0.6 is released today, containing new improvements and bugfixes.

domingo, 6 de outubro de 2013

Omega Base 1.0.6 will be released on October 2013

That's right, Omega Base 1.0.6 will be released containing some more improvements:

  • Select many documents to delete them.
  • Mass import files, to documents and attachments. Files already imported are just updated, not created another attachment. (Omega Syncro).
  • Send comments about documents, and send email.
  • Manage the max size of attachments.
  • Attachments will have version control also.

Using Omega Base 1.0.5

How to tune Omega Base for speed?

In larger databases, you´ll need to configure PostgreSQL to give better responses to users:

1-) Make either vacuum of the PostgreSQL database or enable the autovacuum of the tables.
(This is for 1.0.2 and earlier, in 1.0.5 and later autovacuum is enabled as default).
Read this for information(VACUUM).
This is crucial for mainteance of a PostgreSQL database like Omega Base.

2-) Augment PostgreSQL buffers.
This will give a performance boost on large databases, because PostgreSQL comes with a memory configuration for very small machines.

Edit $(DATABASE)/postgresql.conf
shared_buffers =  Can be 1/4 of the total amount of RAM of the machine without problems.
effetive_cache_size = Size of the RAM cache for disk.
More info:

3-) Make some more indexes.
If you don't know what is this, make sure to know someone to help you to make these indexes.

What is Omega Base?

Omega Base is an Open Source knowledge base template and DMS, made in JSP/Tomcat and PostgreSQL.

It can be used as your own cloud, in a home computer, or even in a big and concurrent enterprise network.
It uses just Open Source components, and it is based on performance and security.

The version 1.0.9 was released in May 2015, it has very rich scalabibity because of the business logic it now runs in PL/PGSQL on the database.

Components which comes with Omega Base:
  • CKEditor.
  • Freemind applet viewer.
  • PDFBox (iText in older releases).
  • Log4J.
  • Rich-text integrated editor (CKEditor)
  • Users and groups management
  • Freemind applet viewer (since 1.0.2)
  • Auto-indexing of MS Office XML, PDF, ODF, Freemind, Dia files for search
  • Works for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mobile